Kindergarten Dance Classes


Our kindergarten dance classes are a great step-up class from preschool dance.

Students begin to learn how to combine multiple movements, build strength and take instruction.

Classes for our 2017-18 School Year begin August 1, 2017! Enrollment is now open thru Nov. 30, 2017.

Kindergarten Ballet (5-6yrs)

This is a class for young dancers interested in exploring the fundamentals of ballet. Class will follow the American Ballet Theatre curriculum and will begin building a solid foundation in ballet technique with an emphasis on proper placement and safe progressions of movement. This class is a great next step from our Angelina Ballerina classes!

Kindergarten Hip-Hop (5-6yrs)

This class teaches young students the basics of hip-hop. They will learn how to count, musicality, and rhythm, and will learn how to apply these new skills into movement in their bodies. Students will build endurance through fun exercises and increase their strength for different tricks and different hip-hop combinations.

Kindergarten Introduction to Dance (5-6yrs)

A fun, creative, and developmentally appropriate introduction to dance fundamentals. Students experience movement concepts and work toward building their dance skills in an exploratory and fun environment.

Kindergarten Tap (5-6yrs)

This is a great introduction to tap! It will cover basic tap terms and movements, and will also focus on training muscles for isolated foot exercises. Students will be exposed to a variety of exercises and combinations that they will practice to fun, upbeat music.

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