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Grade School & Teens Dance Classes


Our dance classes for students ages 5-16 years include Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and combo classes like Ballet/Tap, Hip Hop/Modern & Ballet/Modern.

This year we are also proud to introduce Highland Dance Classes to our schedule! These energetic classes are so fun and a great compliment to a Ballet class.

Our ballet program continues to grow as we offer age and skill appropriate classes. We LOVE beginning students and support our intermediate and advanced students with higher-level classes, including Stretch, Flex, Leap & Turn. Our performance group, Evolution Dance Company, provides students with performance opportunities throughout the year.

Read below for detailed class descriptions!

Our 2022-23 School Year Schedule Begins on August 15th! Enrollment for Dance Classes is open thru December.


Angelina Ballerina



Beginning Ballet

A beginning class for students aged 6 and older and 6yr olds graduating from our Begin Ballet for 5-6yrs. Students will learn ballet fundamentals with barre work, across the floor exercises and connecting steps & vocabulary.




Beginning Ballet for Homeschoolers

A beginning class conveniently scheduled for homeschool students. Students will learn ballet fundamentals with barre work, across the floor exercises and connecting steps & vocabulary.


Ballet 1

Ballet 1 is for students with 1 year ballet experience (not including Angelina Ballerina Ballet or Begin Ballet 5-6yrs). Students continue to explore ballet with in-depth barre exercises & across the floor work, as well as perfecting technique on learned steps & an introduction to more complicated vocabulary & steps.



This Ballet/Modern incorporates the fundamentals of ballet with the free flowing movements of modern, in which dancers tell a story with their bodies. Many basics of ballet and modern will be covered.




Dancers learn the building blocks of ballet: basics of posture, turnout, and movement as well as an introduction to terminology. Then move into basic tap terms and moves, training muscles for isolated foot moves, and class routine. Emphasis is placed on the importance of rhythm & clear sounds. Great class for beginners who want to mix it up!



Highland Dance

Ballet/Highland Dance Combo

This class welcomes students with or w/out experience in Highland Dance or Ballet.   Students learn both styles, which are very closely related.  They'll learn ballet fundamentals with barre work, across the floor exercises and connecting steps & vocabulary..  Those skills will apply to Scottish Highland dance which demonstrates agility, technique, stamina & strength rooted in Highland warrior folklore.  Like ballet, students learn combinations of steps performed with specific upper body, hand & head positions. 


Highland Dance

Some dance experience is helpful, but not necessary for older students to enjoy this class! It will include all that is described in the Beginning class (above), and additional movements to challenge older students. Students who also take ballet class will especially enjoy Highland Dance!


Hip Hop

Hip Hop

Students learn basic steps to contemporary funk hip-hop music as well as popular (age appropriate) songs heard on the radio. They will also learn how to count to music beats of the song in the form called "dancers eight". Class will incorporate how to stay grounded, how to initiate isolations and fluid transitions.




Hip Hop/Jazz

A beginner level combination class is the perfect introduction to the high energy steps and syncopation of jazz, and the rhythm and motion of hip hop. Jazz and Hip Hop are the two most popular forms of dance and are great for those little ones who just can't stop moving!


Hip Hop/Modern

Students will combine the basics of hip hop with the free expression modern dance. They will learn fluid isolations, how to count music, as well as how to work to remember choreography. This energetic class will teach combinations to popular hit music as well as R&B styles.



Beginning Tap

We find a combo class of “Ballet/Tap” for beginning tappers is a good way to introduce students to tap. Most students can progress to Tap 1 after a year in that class. Please refer to the Ballet/Tap classes in “Ballet” section.

Tap 1A

This tap class is designed for students who 2 or more years of tap experience. Tap 1A will continue focus on tap skills and movements, as well as more complicated steps and perfection of previous skills in a fun and creative environment.


Who we are

Anchorage Music & Dance Center is celebrating 25 years of private & group music instruction and 10 years of dance!


We are a unique school offering quality private & group music and dance classes at one convenient location. Multiple students from the same family can take private or group music lessons and dance classes on the same day. That means parents only have to drive to one location for everyone's lessons & classes. What a time saver for the entire family!


We work with most all homeschool & charter schools in the State of Alaska. We are a direct bill vendor which means we invoice the school, so there is no "out-of-pocket" expense for the family!

Our network of schools include: Family Partnership; Frontier Charter School; PAIDEIA; IDEA; Mat-Su Central; Twindly Bridge; Denali Peak, PACE, CyberLynx & Raven.

Don't see your school here? Contact us and we'll see if we can work with them too!