Music Group Classes


Kindergarten Keyboard (5-6yrs)

This weekly, 45-minute class is a great way to introduce the keyboard to young students in a group setting. Class is limited to 6 students & our classroom will be set up as a group piano lab with each student using individual instruments. Students will be introduced to the Alfred Prep Course Series and learn note reading, counting and musical terms.

After completing this class, students will be well prepared for private piano lessons. Students can perform individual songs at the recitals, if they desire.


Beginner Guitar Classes (7-9yrs) & (10-12yrs)

In this weekly 45-minute class, beginners enjoy learning to play the guitar in a fun, social setting. Students will learn basic chords, popular songs, and how to keep time in a group. They will be strumming chords to multiple songs and reading TAB & notations in just a few months.

This is a great experience that gives students skills and confidence to play along with others at church, school, etc. The limited class size of 6 students allows for individual attention within the group dynamic. Students will perform as a group at the recitals, with an opportunity for a "Solo Spotlight".



Rock Star Beginner Rock Band (6-10yrs & 11-16yrs)

This exciting, weekly class is for young musicians old who want to know what it's like to play in a rock band. Students that sing or play guitar, bass, drums or piano will learn to play popular rock & pop songs that only require 1-4 chords to have fun.

All students will get to try all the instruments in the beginning, and then they pick the instrument they will continue to play for the school year. It’s a great way for a student to be exposed to different instruments so they can find their perfect fit. Students will rock out at our December and May recitals for a complete Rock Band experience!



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