Music Recitals

Our students perform in three formal recitals each year: December, May & July on our Center Stage at the studio. Music students also participate in our Music Club which provides performance opportunities in a more casual environment. We believe that students who perform regularly learn the joy of sharing their music with others, while overcoming any hesitation or fears about participating in formal recitals.

May 2018 Music Recital Schedule

Day Date Time Teacher
Thursday May 17th 6:30pm Samantha Hill
Thursday May 17th 6:30pm Michael Sutton
Friday May 18th 5:30pm Christine Nees
Saturday May 19th 2:30pm Troy Anniskett
Saturday May 19th 4:30pm Francisco Badillo
Saturday May 19th 4:30pm Mark Glasionov
Sunday May 20th 1:00pm Ian Worthington
Sunday May 20th 3:00pm Robin Brosius
Sunday May 20th 4:30pm Jenifer Yun
Monday May 21st 6:30pm Derek Delgado
Tuesday May 22nd 7:00pm Fred Brosius - Rock Band Concert



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