Guided Study Sessions for Students Ages 6-13yrs

Now that we know school will be online for the first quarter this year, we have created a new program to offer families called, "Study Sessions". It provides students 3 hours a day to focus on their schoolwork in a supervised environment.

Our study coaches work with students and help them accomplish their assignments for the day. Our coaches have degrees in education, substitute teaching experience, and/or tutoring experience. Both students and coaches will wear face coverings/masks. Individual students will be allowed to step outside the building to take mask breaks during the session.

Each coach will work with a maximum of 5 students and help them to access their online programs and stay productive. Sessions are available beginning September 8th, Monday-Friday with a morning session from 8:30-11:30am and afternoon session from 12-3:00pm.

Study Stations & Study Suites

Study stations are located in our 1400 square foot, dance studio/music recital room. We have a maximum of 12 separate study stations, positioned 10' apart from each other. Individual stations have access to electricity, high speed Wi-Fi, table & chair, with limited access to a printer. This room has 16' ceilings and the opportunity for fresh air to circulate before it gets too cold.

A Study Suite is a private room that is approximately 8' X 10' and can accommodate up to 2 members of the same family. They also have access to high speed Wi-Fi, electricity, table, and chair, with limited access to a printer

. Students need to bring their own devices and supplies. They may bring a small, healthy snack and a filled water bottle. Restrooms are available and disinfected after each use.

Air Quality/Disinfecting

The study station room and all study suites are equipped with medical grade air purifiers and are cleaned and disinfected after each session before new students are allowed in the areas.

We use the Oxy Thyme Disinfecting System. It is a non-toxic, CDC approved and EPA registered, hydrogen peroxide disinfectant that allows us to disinfect the entire space and all equipment quickly, leaving a fresh scent.

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