Summer 2019 Dance Classes
June 3rd – July 31st

Our Summer session gives students a chance to continue taking classes and keep their skills fresh! It’s also a great time to try a dance class that you wouldn’t normally take during the school year. We offer dance in the summer Monday thru Thursday.

Angelina Ballerina Pre-Ballet

The “absolutely, positively” best way to introduce your child to ballet! Students receive a quality dance education in a caring and fun environment, all based on the beloved Angelina Ballerina character. Each month students learn new dance skills and steps based on a new Angelina Ballerina story book.

Ballet 1

A beginning class for students aged 6 and older who want to delve into the world of ballet or graduating students from our Kindergarten classes. Students will learn ballet fundamentals with barre work, across the floor exercises and connecting steps.

Ballet 1A

Ballet 1A is for students with 1 year ballet experience (not including pre or kindergarten ballet). Students continue to explore ballet with more in-depth barre exercises & across the floor work. Time is also spent on perfecting technique on learned steps and an introduction to more complicated vocabulary and steps.

Ballet 2

The next step for ballet students with 2 or more years of ballet, (not including pre & kindergarten ballet) This class includes more in-depth barre exercises, across the floor work, perfecting technique on learned steps and introduction to more complicated vocabulary and steps. This class is even better when combined with a jazz or lyrical class.


Ballet/modern combo class will incorporate the fundamentals of ballet with the free flowing movements of modern, in which dancers tell a story with their bodies. Many basics of ballet and modern will be covered.

Dance Fusion

Enjoy a mixture of jazz, ballet, and contemporary styles in this creative class. Dance fusion is perfect for the student that doesn't quite know which style to start in, but still wants to have fun! High energy warm ups and a varied music selection keep this class fresh and fun. Combine with ballet to get all your bases covered!

Disney Themed Dance Theatre

Students learn fun choreography to the music they’ve grown up with! A great introduction to Broadway dance and movement. Class work consists of a jazz warm-up, stretching, and building a vocabulary of steps and combinations to dance to familiar Disney tunes.

Evolution Dance Company

Auditions for EDC will be held in August. Current members may enroll for the summer session.

Hip Hop/Modern

Students will combine the basics of hip hop with the free expression of beginner, modern dance. They will learn fluid isolations & how to count music. Also, how to keep rhythm in the body to slower and faster paced songs. This energetic class will teach combinations to popular hit music as well as R&B styles.


Students will experience an upbeat class with focus on building flexibility and correct body placement. Leaps, turns, & sequences will help with balance, and choreography games will build confidence. An introduction to improvisation will add to the fun and challenge the imagination!

Kindergarten Ballet/Jazz

The basics of ballet posture, turnout, & movement will be the focus, as well as an intro to the terminology. Students will also be introduced to jazz dance using a fusion of "old school" & "new school". Class begins w/a warm up designed to improve strength, flexibility, posture & alignment.


This class teaches dancers to tell a story with the free flowing movements of modern dance, as seen on “So You Think You Can Dance.” This lyrical approach to modern dance showcases the dancer's unique abilities of movement and trains the dancer in techniques used in every form of dance, such as retention of choreography, bodily expression with or without music, extension, muscle awareness and choreographing techniques. Students are required to have completed 1 year of ballet.

Intro to Tap

This is a class for beginners and it will cover basic tap terms and movements focus on training muscles for isolated foot exercises. Emphasis placed on the importance of rhythm and clear sounds, and students will be exposed to a variety of exercises and combinations. This class is even better when combined with a ballet class!

Tap Level 1A

This tap class is designed for students who have completed an introduction tap class or has 1 or more years tap experience. Tap 1A will focus on more complicated steps and perfection of previous skills in a fun and creative environment. Even better when combined with a ballet or musical theater class!

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