Preschool Morning Program

Anchorage Music & Dance Center is excited to announce the addition of a Preschool Morning Session to our 2017-18 Schedule

Preschool Morning Sessions Begin September 5, 2017

Studies continue to show that arts training improves attention and cognition, and we believe young children can greatly benefit by participating in an arts program early in their lives! Our Preschool Morning Program introduceschildren to the arts in a fun, safe & stimulating environment. Classes are held in our music and dance studios. This program includes music, dance,reading, acting,and arts & crafts. Classes are designed for 3-4 years & 4-5 years old.

Each session lasts 2 hours with the following schedule:

  • 30 minutes music
  • 45 minutes dance & creative movement
  • 15 minute light snack
  • 30 minutes Reading/Acting or Arts & Crafts (alternating each week).

3-4yrs Old Classes

4-5yrs Old classes


This30 minute segment is a primer to our preschool music program, Music FunTime. Little ones will learn how to count beats to music, identify instruments and be introduced to music notes. Students will also play rhythm instruments while singing songs.


An introduction to dance and creative movement will be included for 45 minutes each day. Children will have fun moving to music, following directions and working together with others.

Drama/Reading Time

Acting and pantomime are a great way to teach children about emotions and ways to express feelings. Students will participate in play acting based on age appropriate stories read aloud in a group.

Arts & Crafts

Craft projects will be chosen to compliment the stories told during reading time and reflect upcoming holidays and seasons. Crafts will include painting, drawing, and other mixed media projects.

**Students actively enrolled in our Preschool Morning Program can enroll in 1 dance class on Anchorage Music & Dance Center’s regular schedule for half price.**


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